Discover resources and solutions to manage your energy costs all year long.
Advice for Small Business

Get a no-cost, no-obligation energy assessment with our one-stop service.

Save on Heating Costs

Rebates for high-efficiency natural gas heating equipment make upgrading easy.

Help for Hospitality

Get the key to savings with smart energy upgrades that trim costs and enhance guest comfort.

Empowering You to Improve Your Bottom Line

Every dollar you save on operating costs is a dollar you can redirect to your core business. Whatever your business, Energize ConnecticutSM helps you make smart energy improvements that deliver the greatest return at the lowest cost – plus deep savings for years to come. We help you identify clean energy strategies that make sense for your business and connect you with programs, tax credits, incentives and funding resources that make energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades pencil out.

Get Started:

  • Find programs: Use our program finder tool to search for programs that match your smart energy needs.
  • Find smart energy solutions: Already know what you need? Visit our smart energy solutions page to learn about options that are right for you.
  • Find rebates & financing: Visit our rebates and financing pages to find ways to help you pay for your smart energy improvement.
  • Find an electric supplier: Take control of your energy costs by selecting an electric supplier that has the right options for your home.

Learn About Popular Solutions:

Small Businesses 

Connect with authorized contractors and make easy energy-saving improvements through the Small Business Energy Advantage turnkey program.

Mid-sized and Larger Businesses

Choose your own contractors and suppliers to perform energy-efficient retrofits or install new equipment through the Energy Opportunities program.

New Construction and Major Renovations

Call us before you begin designing your new building or addition – or before specifying new equipment. We’ll work with you through the Energy Conscious Blueprint program to identify energy-saving opportunities and incentives.

Lean Manufacturing

Streamline product flow, eliminate or reduce waste and improve production and energy efficiency through our PRIME program.


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Big Savings for Small Businesses

Boost your bottom line with energy-saving upgrades.

Rebates and Financing Put Smart Energy Investments within Reach

Make energy-saving and renewable energy improvements with rebates and financing.

Improve Your Manufacturing Process

Boost energy efficiency and improve productivity.

Help for High-Tech and Data Centers

Tap the power of energy efficiency for big savings.