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Answers to Your Smart Energy Questions

Review these frequently asked questions or submit a question of your own to learn more about how smart energy choices can pay off for your business, your community and all of us in Connecticut.


Q: How can you help my restaurant?

A: Restaurants are the most energy-intensive commercial sector, with food service facilities using three times more energy per square foot than most other types of commercial buildings. By installing energy-efficient or renewable-energy technologies, restaurants can reduce operating costs and increase net profits. With Energize Connecticut's help, your restaurant or commercial kitchen can take advantage of a number of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. For example, we have rebate programs for Commercial HVAC, lighting, commercial kitchen equipment, natural gas infrared heaters, natural gas heating equipment, and natural gas water heating equipment. We also have full-service programs and financing for energy improvements. For more information, please visit our Food Service page.


Q: What can small businesses do?

A: Whether you own your building or are a tenant, you typically need lighting, heating, air conditioning and power for office equipment and other services to operate your business. Energy-saving improvements and equipment can reduce your operating costs and improve your bottom line. Your small businesses can take advantage of a number of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. For example, we offer full-service energy efficiency programs like the Small Business Energy Advantage program and the Energy Opportunities program. We also have rebates available; incentives and technical support for new construction, major renovations and building additions; and financing for energy improvements. For more information, please visit our Small Business page.


Q: How can I involve my employees in conserving energy?

A: Employee involvement can strengthen your company's energy saving efforts. By offering ideas and tips to your employees, like the ones found here, you can encourage  energy-conscious decision-making and behaviors. Consider sharing with your employees the office's energy costs. Most employees have no idea what employers spend on electricity monthly or annually. This information can help employees to understand the impact of energy saving behaviors and to motivate them to help reduce costs. You might also consider appointing various individual employees to develop an energy management plan. To ensure the plan works across the organization, create an energy management team from different departments and have the members of that team report directly to the organization’s management. Energize Connecticut can also help you assess your commercial building or industrial facility to identify energy-saving opportunities through improved maintenance practices, equipment repairs and operational changes. To learn more, please visit  our Operation and Maintenance program page.


Q: Are there examples of businesses that have worked with Energize Connecticut?

A: Visit our Success Stories page to learn about businesses that have worked with Energize Connecticut to make their operations more energy efficient and to generate clean, renewable power. For example, you can learn about CNC Software, Inc., in Tolland, Connecticut, which has saved approximately $6,430 and 40,401 kilowatt-hours annually by implementing smart energy solutions for lighting, heating and cooling, motors and controls.



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