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Invest in an Energy Makeover

Whatever the size of your building or operation, energy-saving and renewable energy investments can deliver tangible benefits. You don’t have to spend a lot to get started. And larger improvements often pay for themselves quickly through deep, sustainable savings. We can help you prioritize improvements and connect you with resources and incentives that make sense for your business.

Whether you manufacture airplanes or own a hair salon, we have programs to help you save energy and reduce energy costs. Through our nationally recognized programs and processes, we offer financial incentives and assistance to help you invest in energy-efficient and renewable energy upgrades that make sense for your business.

Your Connecticut business can take advantage of a number of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs funded through the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund and the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority. Businesses can benefit from cash incentives, financing options and process improvement programs like Operations and Maintenance Services.


Whole Building Solutions
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