New Construction & Renovation

Design and Build for Efficiency

Are you planning to build a new facility or renovate an existing one? Integrating energy efficiency and renewable energy options early in the design process will maximize energy cost savings, building performance, comfort and indoor air quality. We’re here to help your design team identify energy-saving opportunities and connect you with funding resources to make your project a model of efficiency.

Make energy efficiency a priority before you begin designing your new building or major renovation, or even before you specify new equipment. We provide incentives and technical assistance to help you design, build and choose equipment that will improve energy performance and enhance the value and comfort of your facility. Renewable energy systems can also deliver significant energy savings over the life of your new building.

Your Connecticut business can take advantage of a number of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs funded through the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund and the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority. You can benefit from cash incentives, as well as technical support through our Energy Conscious Blueprint program.


Technologies and Rebates