Operations, Maintenance & Energy Management

Change the Way You Use Energy

More and more businesses are trimming costs by looking deeply at how they use energy. We can help you track down inefficiencies in your operations and develop a plan to drive savings through better operations, maintenance and energy management practices.

Operation and maintenance changes can result in real savings. Improve your facility’s electrical and thermal efficiency through operational changes and repairs rather than capital investments. You'll realize lasting benefits that improve your operation’s overall performance and develop sustainable, long-term energy management strategies.

Your Connecticut business can take advantage of a number of energy efficiency programs funded through the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, as well as renewable energy programs through the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority. You can benefit from cash incentives and from full-service energy efficiency programs like Operations and Maintenance Services.


Energy Opportunities

It can be a big decision to replace equipment if it’s still functioning. But with today’s energy costs, delaying an upgrade can actually cost you money. Investing in energy-efficient equipment can reduce operating costs and improve productivity, ease-of-use, comfort and even aesthetics. ...

Small Business Energy Advantage

In today’s competitive environment, energy efficiency is a key element in maintaining a healthy bottom line. Wise business owners also know that energy improvements can increase productivity. We can help. A utility-authorized contractor will advise you on energy-saving strategies and ...

C&LM Financing-Small Business/Municipal Loan Program

Trim energy costs with interest-free loans for energy-saving and demand-reducing projects. Combined with incentives, this program allows small businesses and municipalities to invest in improvements now to start saving sooner. Repayment terms up to four years and an on-bill payment option make it ...

Low-Interest Loans for Commercial & Industrial Customers

Make energy savings pay out with low-interest financing for qualified energy-efficient improvements. Coupled with incentives, it can make your project a reality so you can start saving sooner.

Operations and Maintenance

Trimming your energy costs may be easier and more affordable than you think. We can help you assess your commercial building or industrial facility to identify energy-saving opportunities through improved maintenance practices, equipment repairs and operational changes. Effective operation and ...