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Affordable Financing for Energy-Saving and Renewable Energy Improvements

There is a lot to consider when selecting the right financing for your energy-saving or renewable energy improvement project. To help you, we connect you with lenders and financing products offering a range of terms and rates to fit your project needs.

Take advantage of our easy to use search tool (below) to find lenders in your area. Then create your own list by selecting up to three lenders. Your list includes basic terms, application fees, and rates for the selected lenders along with their contact info. Be sure to ask each lender for specifics about their products, and don’t forget to ask about on-bill repayment.

As with any building improvement project, Energize CT recommends shopping around and seeking as much information as possible. Neither Energize CT nor any of its partners endorse, guarantee, represent, or assume liability for any loan product proposed or carried out by any entity listed.

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