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Answers to Your Smart Energy Questions

Review these frequently asked questions or submit a question of your own to learn more about how smart energy choices can pay off for your organization, your community and all of us in Connecticut.


Q: What is the Clean Energy Communities program?

A: The Clean Energy Communities program  helps Connecticut municipalities increase support for energy efficiency and renewable energy. Through the program your community works to achieve clean energy goals to qualify for renewable energy systems and ”Bright Idea Grants” for energy-saving projects. To learn more about the program, please visit the Clean Energy Communities page.


Q: What is the Lead by Example program?

A: State and local governments operate many different facilities, and the energy costs of running these buildings can be significant. The Lead by Example program works with state and local government to support energy-saving improvements to free up funds for important public services. Through the program, municipalities and agencies can take advantage of technical and financial resources and track energy performance to target and address inefficiencies. To learn more, please see the Lead by Example for State Agencies or Lead by Example for Municipalities pages.


 Q: How do I find out if a particular community is a Clean Energy Community?

A: You can find a community’s progress toward becoming a Clean Energy Community by visiting the Clean Energy Community online dashboard and clicking on the map or dropdown menu to find the city or town in question.


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