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Reduce operating costs with smart energy improvements that deliver a healthy return on your investment. Energize Connecticut gives you the prescription, with expert advice, resources and energy-saving programs tailored to your needs.


Each year health care organizations across the nation spend nearly $8.8 billion on energy to meet patient needs. Many organizations are reducing energy use by installing energy-efficient lighting, HVAC, chillers, water heating, refrigeration and kitchen equipment as well as renewable energy systems such as solar and fuel cells. Every dollar a nonprofit healthcare organization saves on energy has the equivalent impact on the operating margin as increasing revenues by $20 for hospitals or $10 for medical offices. For-profit hospitals, medical offices and nursing homes can boost earnings per share by a penny by reducing energy costs just 5 percent1. Installing energy-improvements or implementing energy-saving practices can reduce energy use by 20 percent2.

Unlike many other commercial buildings, hospitals must remain fully operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week and provide services during power outages, natural disasters and other events that would force other facilities to close. By reducing energy load through energy efficiency, hospitals can reduce emergency generator use during disasters and other emergencies on top of reducing costs.

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How We Help

Your Connecticut healthcare facility or organization can take advantage of a number of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs funded through the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund and the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority. You can benefit from cash incentives as well as from process improvement programs such as our Operations and Maintenance program.

To find smart energy options that are right for you, please visit our programs wizardcheck out the smart energy solutions we offer, or see a list of popular choices below.

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It's easy to reduce energy costs with new energy efficient lighting. You'll save energy, cash in on rebates and enjoy better light quality.

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