New Construction & Renovation

Design and Build for Efficiency

Are you planning to build a new facility or renovate an existing one? Integrating energy efficiency and renewable energy options early in the design process will maximize energy cost savings, building performance, comfort, and indoor air quality, and will allow your organization to focus more of its resources on its mission. We’re here to help you identify energy-saving opportunities and connect you with funding resources to make your project a model of efficiency.

Make energy efficiency a priority before you begin designing your new building or major renovation, or even before you specify new equipment. We provide incentives and technical assistance to help you design, build and choose equipment that will improve energy performance and enhance the value and comfort of your building. Renewable energy systems can also deliver significant energy savings over the life of your new building.

We recognize that many nonprofits operate on a tight budget. Our programs offer financial incentive strategies to help you offset these costs, so that you can concentrate on the rest of your work.


Express Service Lighting Rebate

The Express Service Lighting Rebate is a smart way for businesses to save electricity and cut energy costs by installing high-efficiency lighting. Now with paper and instant rebates you can enjoy all the energy-saving benefits without paying a premium price. What a bright idea!

Cool Choice Rebate

Cool Choice is a smart way for nonprofit business customers to save electricity and cut energy costs by installing high-efficiency air conditioning and heat pump systems. Now, with rebates through the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, you can enjoy all the energy-saving benefits of a ...

Low-Interest Loans for Commercial & Industrial Customers

Make energy savings pay out with low-interest financing for qualified energy-efficient improvements. Coupled with incentives, it can make your project a reality so you can start saving sooner.

Energy Conscious Blueprint

Want to maximize energy performance in your new building?  Plan for efficiency from the beginning with help from utility energy experts. They’ll work with you and your design team to identify energy-saving opportunities and integrate them into your plans early – before the ...

Combined Heat & Power Pilot Program

Does your nonprofit operate in a building that has large heat and power load demands? If so, it’s worth exploring Combined Heat & Power technologies. You could be eligible for a grant, loan or power purchase incentive to offset the cost of investing in equipment to tap into this ...

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Rebate

Want a recipe for success? Turn the commercial kitchen at your organization into a model of efficiency. We make it easy to reduce energy costs and improve performance with rebates on energy-saving ENERGY STAR® equipment. And because many energy-saving options produce less heat, you might also ...

Commercial Clothes Washer Rebate

Make your laundry facility work for you. The next time you purchase a commercial clothes washer, choose an energy-saving ENERGY STAR model. Whether you’re replacing just one machine or many, you can earn a $200 rebate for each qualifying machine and get high performance with every load.

Natural Gas Heating Equipment Rebate

A smart way for organizations to save gas and cut energy costs is by installing high-efficiency natural gas heating equipment. With efficiencies of up to 98 percent they are the most efficient heating equipment available. Now with rebates through the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, you can ...

Natural Gas Infrared Heater Rebate

Cool down your budget and warm up your building with energy-efficient natural gas infrared heaters. When you install a qualifying low-intensity or high-intensity model, you can receive a rebate of $500-$850 per unit.  

Natural Gas Water Heating Rebate

With efficiencies of up to 85 percent or more, installing high-efficiency natural gas water heating equipment is a smart way for organizations to save gas and cut energy costs. Now with rebates through the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund you can enjoy all the energy-saving benefits of a ...

Oil Heating System Efficiency Program

As a nonprofit or housing authority, you may be eligible for funding to replace, upgrade or repair a fuel oil furnace or boiler to improve energy efficiency. 

Vending Machine Rebate

Cold beverage vending machines are everywhere, making our lives easier. But machines that run continuously can cost more than $300 a year to operate. There’s a better choice. With motion-sensing technology, you can cut energy costs 20-70 percent simply by powering down the unit when no one is ...