Smart Energy Choices Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Investing in home energy improvements can save you money month after month and make your home more comfortable in every season. It’s easy to get started with resources from Energize Connecticut.


Making energy improvements to your home through energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy can save you money, improve your comfort and increase the value of your home.

Each year the average New England homeowner spends almost $3,000 on energy.1 This relatively high expense is one of the reasons savvy homebuyers are now asking about energy costs. The National Association of Realtors' 2010 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers found that nearly 90 percent of buyers considered heating and cooling bills important, and more than 70 percent wanted high-efficiency appliances.2

This same survey found that for every dollar saved each year on energy bills, home buyers were willing to pay $10-25 more for a given home. If you reduced your energy costs by just 10 percent, saving $300 a year, your home value could increase by $3,000 to $7,500.

As a homeowner, you have many energy-saving options. Some energy efficiency upgrades are inexpensive – such as weatherstripping and caulking – and others can require a greater investment.  Similarly, renewable energy systems can be installed using no money down lease options or purchased using state and federal incentives. We can help you make the best smart energy choices for your home with expert advice, rebates and financing.

Sources: 1U.S. Department of Energy | 2National Association of Realtors

How We Can Help

As a Connecticut homeowner, you can take advantage of a number of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs funded through the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund and the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority. You can benefit from rebates, attractive financing options and, on-the-spot improvements and advice through the Home Energy Solutions program.

To find smart energy options that are right for you, please visit our programs wizardcheck out the smart energy solutions we offer, or see the list of popular choices below.

Save with ENERGY STAR®

Cash in on reduced pricing or rebates on high efficiency lighting and appliances.

Schedule In-Home Services

Take the first step with a low-cost or no-cost home energy check-up.

Hot Water, Warmed by the Sun

Solar Hot Water is a smart water-heating choice. Financing helps you make the switch.

Home Energy Solutions-Core Services

No matter how you heat your home, there’s an easy way to lower your energy bill that’s good for the environment – and can even make your home more comfortable. Home Energy Solutions offers on-the-spot services to homeowners and renters for immediate savings. We also empower you with ...

HES - Income Eligible

Use less energy and save money with no-cost energy upgrades. If you meet income requirements, you can qualify for valuable home weatherization services, whether you rent or own your home. Sign up now to enjoy greater year-round comfort and lower energy costs.

Residential Solar Investment Program

Generate clean, renewable energy from the sun shining on your home. It’s easier than ever to install a solar photovoltaic (PV) system and reduce electricity costs. This program can help you purchase a solar system or lease one with little to no upfront cost.Find an Eligible Contractor and get ...

ENERGY STAR® Retail Products

ENERGY STAR-certified appliances improve your home and the planet. You’ll find these energy-saving products at retailers near you. Start saving right away with reduced pricing or rebates for qualifying products. Then enjoy energy savings month after month. 


Switching to energy-efficient lighting is one of the easiest ways to save money and energy and do your part for the environment. To make it easy and affordable, we team up with retailers and manufacturers to offer discount prices on many types of ENERGY STAR-certified lighting products.

Smart-E Loans

Smart-E Loans offer long-term, low-interest financing to help you upgrade your home’s energy performance. Smart-E Loans are affordable and easy, and applying through a local lender is simple.6 months no interest on Smart-E loans.Hurry, offer ends soon!Para más información oprima aqui.

Home Energy Solutions – Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®

Maximize comfort while minimizing energy costs with help from a qualified Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractor. You’ll receive recommendations for energy-saving improvements customized for your home and have access to rebates and low-interest financing to make the upgrades that are right ...

Ductless Split Heat Pump Rebates

Need to add heat to an addition? Do you plan to turn a three season room into a year round room? A ductless split heat pump may be the solution for your heating and cooling. These safe, reliable and efficient systems are easy to install and quiet to operate. Stay warm in the winter and cool in the ...

ENERGY STAR® Central Air Conditioner or Heat Pump Rebate

If your heating and cooling system is more than 10 years old or needs to be replaced, installing an ENERGY STAR® -certified system lets you rest easy with energy savings and year-round comfort. With rebates of $250 - or even $500 - for qualifying systems, making an energy-smart choice has never ...

Heat Pump Water Heater Instant Rebate

Replace your old electric water heater with a heat pump water heater and slash water heating costs up to 50 percent. Because it’s one of the most efficient ways to heat water, Energize Connecticut is offering a $400 instant discount on ENERGY STAR® -certified models sold through participating ...

Geothermal Heat Pump Rebates

If you are looking for an efficient and environmentally friendly technology to heat and cool your home, consider a geothermal heat pump. They are similar to ordinary heat pumps, but instead of using heat found in outside air, they rely on the stable, even heat of the earth. In the winter, they move ...

High Efficiency Natural Gas Hot Water Rebates

Say goodbye to your tank water heater. Install an ENERGY STAR®-certified high-efficiency natural gas-fired tankless water heater and enjoy hot water on demand, energy savings and an instant discount up to $500. You’ll never have to worry about running out of hot water again.

High Efficiency Furnace, Natural Gas Boiler and Boiler Circulator Pump Instant Discounts

Reduce your home heating costs with a high-efficiency furnace or natural gas boiler. You’ll enjoy clean, reliable heat and receive an instant discount of up to $750 when you install a qualifying natural gas, oil or propane furnace, a natural gas boiler or a boiler circulator pump.

Cozy Home Loan

Now it’s easy to eliminate high energy costs by making home improvements (like adding insulation, sealing up or replacing drafty doors and windows, or upgrading outdated appliances and equipment). HDF can help you find a package of renovations that make sense for your home.Apply online or call ...

CT Solar Loan

The CT Solar Loan is being updated and is temporarily unavailable.  For those interested in a loan option, however, EnergizeCT offers the Smart-E Loan, which can provide financing as low as 2.75% and for terms up to 12 years – for more information on the Smart-E Loan click here.A number of ...

Energize CT Heating Loan Program

Energy-efficient heating equipment saves you money and zero-interest financing helps you to enjoy those lower energy costs right away. Repayment through your utility bill makes the process easy. Now through October 31, 2015 financing at a 0% interest rate, up to $15,000, is available for ...

Energy Conservation Loan Program

You may be eligible to borrow up to $25,000 at below market interest rate terms for the purchase and installation of cost-saving energy efficiency improvement.


Even if you’re not ready to invest in a solar energy system for your home, you can support clean, renewable energy. Sign up for CTCleanEnergyOptions on-line or by calling the supplier of your choice. By paying a small surcharge, you can support renewable energy generation while ...

CT Solar Lease

The CT Solar Lease™ program provides a great opportunity to add a solar system to your home without the high up-front costs of ownership. The CT Solar Lease™ offers a no money down* opportunity to install a solar system on your property. 

Quality Installation & Verification Program

Most of us would assume that our home’s new heating and cooling system is running at peak performance, right? But if it was not set-up correctly you could be losing the money you invested. How would you know? And who would you call? We can help. Our list of approved contractors, not only ...

Residential Energy Efficiency Financing Program

Make energy-saving improvements today with help from streamlined, fixed-rate, low-interest financing. It couldn’t be easier. A home appraisal isn’t necessary, and you’ll have up to 12 years to repay the loan while your energy savings add up. You may even be able to repay your loan through ...

Residential New Construction Program

If you plan to build a new home, make energy efficiency a priority from the beginning. You’ll enjoy lower energy costs and greater comfort and have access to incentives for building to high performance standards.

Residential Solar Hot Water

Investing in a Solar Thermal or Solar Hot Water (SHW) system is a smart energy solution for most homeowners and certain businesses. This proven and reliable technology offers long-term performance with low maintenance.

Smart-E Bundle

For a limited time, we’re offering special smart energy bundles.  Choose a Smart-E bundle to take advantage of rates as low as 2.50% to 2.99% for 10 years! Smart-E Loans are affordable and easy, and applying through a local lender is simple.Click here to learn more about Smart-E loans for ...

SmartLiving Center

The SmartLiving Center is part science museum, part hands-on activity center and part home improvement showroom. Whether you visit for a seminar, an event or a tour, you’ll learn how to use energy wisely throughout your home and make smart energy choices. The Orange location will be closing on ...

Tax Credits

Many energy-saving home improvements qualify for tax credits that can reduce your tax liability. Coupled with rebates and incentives, they help make smart energy choices pencil out.