Energize CT Heating Loan Program

Borrow Up to $15,000 at a 2.99% APR for Eligible Energy-Efficient Heating Equipment
Financing at a 2.99% interest rate, up to $15,000, is available for qualified homeowners for the purchase and installation of eligible energy-saving heating equipment. Repayment through your utility bill makes the process easy.


If you’re a residential customer of UI, Eversource, CNG, or SCG you could be eligible for low-interest financing for a new energy-efficient heating system. To participate, you must own a single-family home or a multi-family home up to four units, including condos. Vacation homes also qualify.

Heating equipment to be installed must meet ENERGY STAR® or higher ratings for boilers, furnaces and electric heat pumps.

Financing Amounts and Term

  • Financing is available up to $15,000.
  • A minimum down payment of 10% of the cost of the replacement heating furnace or boiler equipment is required. The minimum down payment varies by type and efficiency of equipment selected. 
  • 2.99% interest rate.
  • Financing term between 3 to 10 years based on the time it takes for the replacement heating furnace or boiler equipment to pay for itself from energy savings, plus two years.  For details visit ctheatloan.com.
  • No fees to you or your contractor; no pre-payment penalty.
  • Unsecured, fixed-rate financing.
  • Payments are made along with your monthly electric bill payments. If the property is sold, the balance may be repaid or may be transferred to the new owner. 

To Apply and For More Information:

Visit ctheatloan.com to apply online now and for more details. Or call our lending partner, Capital For Change, Inc., at 1-800-992-3665. 

To learn more about your home’s energy usage and efficiency, sign up for Home Energy Solutions®.  For a nominal fee, or at no cost for those who qualify, an energy efficiency professional will visit your home and discuss opportunities to save money by improving your home’s energy performance.

For more information call 1-800-992-3665.

Who Is Eligible

If you’re a residential customer of UI, Eversource, CNG, or SCG you could be eligible.

  • You must have an Eversource or UI residential electric account at the address where the new equipment is to be installed.
  • You must own the property where the new equipment is to be installed.
  • You must be current with your electric utility bill and have had either:
    • no late payment charges for the most recent six (6) consecutive months or
    • no more than two (2) late payment charges for the last twelve (12) consecutive months
  • Equipment to be installed must meet ENERGY STAR® or higher ratings for boilers, furnaces and electric heat pumps
  • All work must be completed by Capital For Change registered contractors. To participate, contractors must meet program standards, including proper licenses and insurance.

For More Information:

The program is administered by Capital For Change, Inc. Visit ctheatloan.com or call 1-800-992-3665 for more details or to inquire about your eligibility.  

Feel free to call 1-800-992-3665  with any questions.

If you are a Connecticut resident and are not served by one of the utilities listed above, please visit your utility’s website to see what energy efficiency programs are available to you. Please click here for information on how to contact your municipal utility.

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Tax Credits

Did you know you might be able to take advantage of federal income tax incentives for energy-efficient and renewable energy home improvements? Congress first passed the incentives in 2005 as part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and has amended them several times since then.

Current incentives expire December 31, 2016. The incentives fall into two categories. Be sure to review both to maximize your incentive.

  • Renewable energy sources like geothermal, solar, wind and others are covered under Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit (Part I). You may be able to take a credit of 30% of your qualified costs.
  • Energy efficiency improvements like insulation, windows, HVAC and more are covered under Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit (Part II). Credits for 10% of cost, up to $500 or a specific amount from $50-$300 may be available.

Helpful links:

ENERGY STAR® – See which products qualify, and for what incentive amount

IRS Tax Forms:

You should contact a tax professional with questions specific to your situation.

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