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Below You'll Find Standard Service Generation Rates and Cost Per Month

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Compare Supplier Options

Below you'll find your utility’s standard service generation rate and your cost per month based on 750kWh/month for a residential customer and 2,000 kWh/month for a business customer. You will also find current offers, average costs, and savings. To refine your savings estimates, input your actual monthly usage and rate in the Current Supplier and Usage box, then click UPDATE.

You can also view the number of complaints filed against each supplier with the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority.

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Complaint Summary - ct.gov/pura

Disclaimer:  The offer information on this website is provided for informational purposes and may not represent a complete and/or accurate listing of all offers in the Connecticut marketplace. Savings or additional cost are based on the supplier's rate per kWh. Contact individual suppliers to confirm offers, terms, and conditions before enrolling.

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