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Information about licensed electric suppliers

  • Electric suppliers are licensed by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA).
  • Only licensed suppliers can offer generation services in Connecticut.
  • Licensed suppliers are required to submit their generation offers to PURA.  PURA then posts the offers to Connecticut's Official Rate Board on EnergizeCT.com.
  • PURA maintains the Rate Board and the information about electric suppliers provided on this website. 
  • View a list of licensed suppliers - PURA's database of licensed Connecticut electric suppliers.


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Choosing the right generation rate is important, but being energy efficient will have a lasting impact - regardless of which supplier(s) you choose in the future.

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The Rate Board below allows residential and business customers to compare Eversource and UI Standard Service generation rates with those offered by licensed suppliers and registered aggregators.

Switching to a Licensed Generation Supplier

  • You are not required to switch – you can remain with Eversource or UI for your generation supply service.
  • Regardless of which supplier you choose, Eversource or UI will still deliver your electricity, bill you for service, and respond to power outages. Only Eversource or UI can terminate your service.
  • Protect account information like you would your Social Security or credit card numbers.
  • Showing your bill to anyone, like during a door-to-door sale, reveals your personal account information.
  • Switching your generation service can only occur on your meter read date.  Enroll at least ten business days before that date.

Working with an Electric Aggregator

  • Electric aggregators gather customers to negotiate a generation rate with suppliers on their behalf. 
  • Electric aggregators offer an alternative for customers who may wish to have the aggregator shop for you. 

Standard Service

  • Standard Service is the supply option provided by Eversource and UI.
  • Standard Service rates change on January and July 1st and are fixed for six months.
  • Contact Eversource or UI directly to be immediately returned to Standard Service.

Complaint Summary - ct.gov/pura

Some new offers recently posted to the Rate Board require the customer to qualify by meeting a minimum Load Factor Score.

Learn more about these offers and your Load Factor Score. 

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