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The Connecticut Energy Efficiency Board (EEB) is an Appointed Group of 15 Members

Meet the Energy Efficiency Board

The Connecticut Energy Efficiency Board (EEB) is an appointed group of 17 members. The members represent private and public entities, providing representation for residential, low-income, chambers of commerce, business, agricultural, community and municipal consumers. The EEB has 12 appointed voting members and 5 non-voting representatives from Connecticut’s electric and gas utility companies. By statute, the Chairman of the EEB is elected by the voting members of the Board.

Below please find information about the EEB's members. We also invite you to attend our monthly board and committee meetings to meet the Board in person.



Neil W. Beup, EEB Chair

Designee Connecticut Retail Merchants Association, Linde

Danbury, CT

Amy McLean, EEB Vice-Chair

Acadia Center

Hartford, CT

Ronald J. Araujo


Berlin, CT

Steve Bruno


Berlin, CT


Hammad Chaudhry

United Illuminating

Orange, CT

Katie Dykes


CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

Hartford, CT

Amanda Fargo-Johnson

Connecticut Farm Energy Program

Haddam, CT


Kathy Fay

NHS New Haven

Designee, Low-Income Representative

New Haven, CT

Anne Marie-Knight

Black Business Alliance

Designee, Statewide Business Association

Milford, CT


Melissa Kops

City of New Haven

Designee, Municipal Representative

New Haven, CT


Joel Kopylec

Connecticut Natural Gas/Southern Connecticut Gas

Orange, CT

Anthony Kosior

Yale University

Designee, Chamber of Commerce

New Haven, CT

Donald Mauritz

Courtesy Participant

Wallingford Electric Department

Wallingford, CT

Walter Szymanski

Courtesy Participant

Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative

Norwich, CT

William Tong, Attorney General

CT Office of the Attorney General

Hartford, CT

Jack Traver

Traver IDC

Waterbury, CT

EEB Member

John Viglione

Designee, Office of Consumer Counsel

New Britain, CT

EEB Member

John Wright

Designee, Office of the Attorney General

New Britain, CT