eesmarts Lessons: Grades K-2

Lessons: Iggy and Me, Saving Energy; Rosa and Effy’s Adventure; and Sunny: High Energy Girl

eesmarts lessons align with Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core Standards for Math & English Language Arts.

Each eesmarts lesson features materials* for students, hands-on activities, detailed teacher lesson plans, extensions and evaluation tools. The lessons are flexible and interdisciplinary and fit seamlessly into any class curriculum. 



Iggy and Me, Saving Energy

This big book offers an engaging read-aloud tale of a boy and his dinosaur friend. It introduces younger children to energy concepts through rhyme and repetition. As the story builds awareness of energy and why it's important to save it, several featured activities show students how they can start saving energy themselves. 

Next Generation Science Standards Related Performance Expectations:
K-ESS3-3, ESS3.C


Grade 1

Rosa and Effy's Adventure

All is not well in Wattsville! The grade one big book illustrates how an enthusiastic little girl and her dinosaur pal must save the residents from wasteful habits. The curriculum gives students a real life look at energy use and overuse in a typical house. Then, it empowers them to make smart energy decisions in their own homes.

Next Generation Science Standards Related Performance Expectations:
K-ESS3-3, ESS3.C   K-2-EST1-3, ESS3.C ETS1-C  


Grade 2

Sunny: High Energy Girl

Sunny has a lot of energy, in fact she gets all of her energy from the sun. With the help of Sunny and her school friends, students will explore how energy gets from the sun, into our foods and finally into our bodies. Students will be able to complete activities pertaining to energy pathways and nutrition label reading, and they will have a take-home book to share with their families.

Next Generation Science Standards Related Performance Expectations:
2-LS2-1, LS2.A  


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