Electric Aggregators

Electric Aggregators

Posted on : May 23, 2017 - 09:05 AM.

In addition to licensing electric suppliers the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority issues a Certificate of Registration to electric aggregators.

What is an electric aggregator?

An electric aggregator gathers consumers for the purpose of negotiating the rate for generation service from an electric supplier.  An electric aggregator must negotiate with suppliers on behalf of the customers it represents. As such, an aggregator must act as the customer's agent. As a customer's agent, the aggregator may not simultaneously be an agent for one or more suppliers.

How does a registered aggregator differ from a licensed supplier?

Suppliers purchase the electricity that is provided to customers and bill for that electricity through either the customer's electric bill (commonly referred to as consolidated billing) or by directly billing the customer. Aggregators do not purchase electricity or bill for generation supply.  Instead, as noted above, aggregators gather consumers together for the purpose of negotiating the rate for generation from a supplier.

Why are aggregators allowed to post offers on Connecticut's Rate Board?

PURA oversees suppliers and aggregators and posts generally available rates to the Rate Board.  If an aggregator can offer a generally available rate to residential or business customers it may be posted to the Rate Board.

How do aggregators get paid?

Aggregators must act as the customer's agent.  As such, customers typically pay the aggregator for their service.

If I am paying an aggregator, who is my supplier?

Aggregators gather consumers and negotiate rates from suppliers on behalf of those customers.  The aggregator then selects the supplier and rate that is offered to its customers.  Customers who choose to work with an aggregator will be served through the supplier that is selected by the aggregator.

Will the name of the aggregator appear on my electric bill?

No.  Information on your bill will reflect the licensed supplier that is providing your generation service.

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