Incentive Status

Commercial/Industrial Energy Efficiency Project Funding Availability

Incentive availability changes throughout the year as funds are dispersed for completed projects and commitments are made for new projects. Incentive funding becomes available on the first of each the calendar year. To ensure your project can be funded, we encourage you to contact us before you begin planning.

Below is the current status of incentives for United Illuminating, Connecticut Natural Gas and Southern Connecticut Gas for the Energy Opportunities, Energy Conscious Blueprint and Operations & Maintenance programs (excludes Small Business Energy Advantage program). Depending on your project and type of business, there may also be funds available through other Conservation and Load Management programs.  

UIL Commercial and Industrial
Conservation & Load Management
Incentive Dollars Spent, Committed and Available
2020 Program Year - as of October 1, 2020

Some projects under review may not be reflected in the below amounts. Balances shown may therefore be less.
Please contact your UI Program Administrator for current available funds.




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