Energy Assessments, Audits and Checkups

Energy Assesements (Audits) Provide Expert Energy-Saving Advice and Help
Getting a handle on your home's energy use is an important first step toward saving energy and money. Knowing where your energy is used also shows where you have opportunities to save.

What Energy Check-ups, Audits and Assessments offer

Whether it's called an "audit" or a "checkup", an energy assessment can:

  • Pinpoint where your house is losing energy
  • Determine if your heating and cooling systems are operating efficiently
  • Show you ways to save energy and make your home more comfortable
  • Identify improvements that will save you the most money

Energy Assessments should be performed by professional home energy auditors. With their specialized training and equipment, they can identify critical air leaks and may also conduct important safety tests on your furnace and water heater.

A findings report lists recommended energy-saving improvements and information about rebates and financing.

Our Home Energy Assessments Go One More Step. See Which is Right For You.

Not only do we find ways to save, but we help you get the work done. Our Home Energy Solutions® programs do some of the work the actual day of the visit. These on-the-spot services jump start your savings.


TWO OPTIONSHome Energy Solutions Core ServicesHome Energy Solutions Income-Eligible
WHICH IS RIGHT FOR YOU?  Perfect for homeowners who want instant savings.Great for people on a budget. 
In-home energy assessment (checkup, audit)YESYES
Furnace and water heater safety checkYESYES
On-the-spot services: air sealing, energy-saving lighting, and water-saving products.YESYES
Rebates for major energy saving work.YESQualifying upgrades installed for FREE or paid partially by your utility.
General Contractor for major energy saving work No. You hire contractors to do the major work.YES. Qualifying upgrades are installed by the contractor.
Inspection of major energy savings work YESYES
On-bill financing for major energy saving work. YESNO
Cost$149 or $174 (Based on your heating fuel type)FREE for income eligible 
GET STARTEDHome Energy Solutions
Core Services
Home Energy Solutions
Income Eligible

For information on common recommendations surfaced during a home energy assessment please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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