Anaerobic Digestion Projects

Grants, Loans and Incentives Make it Easy to Harvest the Power in Your Facility

Does your commercial, industrial or institutional facility have a high power load or generate large volumes of organic matter? If so, it’s worth exploring Anaerobic Digestion technologies. You could be eligible for a grant, loan or power purchase incentive to offset the cost of investing in equipment to harness the power of this clean renewable energy technology.

Manage Waste and Generate Renewable Energy

Through the anaerobic digestion process, microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. Anaerobic digestion can serve the dual purpose of managing waste and generating renewable energy that can help replace fossil fuels.

If your facility generates large volumes of organic waste, consider applying to participate in the Anaerobic Digestion Pilot Program. The Connecticut Green Bank seeks project applications for grants, loans, loan enhancements or power purchase incentives to help finance the cost of anaerobic digestion equipment for energy generating projects. Projects must be in the development phase and cannot already be under construction.

Individual awards are not a fixed amount based on size or cost and will vary based on the specific technology, efficiency and economics of the installation. However, funding will not exceed the equivalent of $450/kilowatt generated. Financial support is intended to help you achieve a fair and reasonable payback and return on investment, compared with purchasing the equivalent amount of power from the utility.


How It Works

Steps to Take Smart Energy Action

This program is ideal for various types of facilities including municipal wastewater treatment plants, farms and food and beverage manufacturing plants.

Step 1 -

To be eligible, an applicant must propose to install commercially available generation equipment, operating as a base loaded system. The project must utilize anaerobic digestion technology in which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen, converting the energy stored in organic materials into biogas. The biogas must then be used by a gas-fired combustion turbine, reciprocating engine, fuel cell or other commercially available prime mover to generate electricity.  This program will support projects up to 3 Megawatts (MW) in size.

Step 2 -

CEFIA will only accept projects in the development phase. Projects that have begun construction prior to executing a Financial Assistance Agreement with CEFIA will not be eligible for financial support under this RFP. Customer sites that have already received a grant from CEFIA under past solicitations for Anaerobic Digestion Projects are not eligible under this program. Furthermore, projects that have received or will receive an incentive from CEFIA under this solicitation are not eligible to participate in any future Zero Emission Renewable Energy Credit (ZREC) or Low Emission Renewable Energy Credit (LREC) programs.

Step 3 -

CEFIA will review applications only from system developers, customer sites (end-users) or companies that are engaged in the development of these qualifying technology systems. Applicants must establish to CEFIA’s satisfaction which entity will be primarily responsible for the overall managerial and financial control for the proposed project. Projects must be located in either Eversource or United Illuminating territories.

Application Deadline:

The application deadline for the Anaerobic Digestion RFP is February 27, 2015 at 5 p.m. EST.

For more information about this program, contact CEFIA at info@ctcleanenergy.com or call 860-563-0015.

Important links:

Request for Proposals, Anaerobic Digestion Projects,# Program Opportunity CEFIA-AD-002 - Revised June 14, 2013

Anaerobic Digestion Projects Application - Program Opportunity # CEFIA-AD-002 - Revised June 14, 2013

Who is Eligible

Commercial, industrial and institutional entities in Eversource or UI service territory may apply under this RFP. 

The following entities may be ideal for this program:

  • For-profit companies
  • Not-for-profit companies
  • Municipalities
  • State and federal agencies
  • School districts
  • Not-for-profit and for-profit affordable housing companies
  • Public housing agencies


For more information about the Anaerobic Digestion Pilot Program, contact CEFIA at info@ctcleanenergy.com or call 860-563-0015.

If you are a Connecticut business and are not served by one of the utilities listed above, please visit your utility’s website to see what programs are available to you. 

Please click here for information on how to contact your municipal utility.

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