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Rebates of $500 to $850 for Qualifying Energy-Efficient Natural Gas Infrared Heaters
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Large structures, such as warehouses and loading docks, can reduce the heat needed to maintain comfortable temperatures by 15 percent with low-intensity natural gas infrared heaters. Feel the heat and see the savings with rebates!

Key Features

Natural gas infrared heaters are mounted overhead to emit quiet radiant energy down to the people, objects and floor at the working level of the building. This translates to warm, comfortable conditions at the people zone and less wasted energy. Infrared heaters are particularly well-suited for situations where all of the air in a space does not need to be warmed or would be inefficient to warm. Large structures such as warehouses, loading docks, fire stations and aircraft hangars are ideal candidates for natural gas infrared heaters.

An infrared heater saves energy because it provides comfortable warmth to people concentrated in a specific area without having to heat the air in the entire building. According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, infrared heaters can reduce the heat needed to maintain a comfortable temperature by at least 15 percent.

Through the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, rebates of $500-$850 per unit allow you to install low-intensity natural gas infrared heater without paying a premium price.

Applying is easy. Just check the application for specifics.

Make a smart choice you can warm up to. Install a low-intensity natural gas infrared heater.

Call 1-844-342-4575 with rebate questions or for more information. 

Steps to Take Smart Energy Action

Getting started is easy.

Step 1 -

Work with your HVAC contractor to install a qualifying energy-efficient unit that works best for you. Refer to the rebate application website for details on qualifying units and pre-approval requirements. Pre-approval before installation from your participating utility will be required if the rebate total is greater than $7,500.

Step 2 -

We encourage you to apply online - the quickest way to obtain your rebate!

Click the link to your natural gas utility below:

CNG      SCG    Eversource


For mail-in rebates, submit your rebate application with required documentation. Rebates are per-unit fixed amounts paid directly to customers.

Rebates are available to industrial, commercial and institutional customers on firm gas rates. Equipment must be installed in the service territory of CNG, SCG or Eversource.

Eligible systems are commercial and industrial high-efficiency gas heating equipment. Steam boilers are not eligible. Used or rebuilt equipment is not eligible.

Starting the process is easy. Click the link to your utility below:

CNG (via UI)      SCG (via UI)     Eversource

If you are a Connecticut business and are not served by one of the utilities listed above, please visit your utility’s website to see what energy efficiency programs are available to you. Please click here for information on how to contact your municipal utility.

Call 1-844-342-4575 with rebate questions or for more information.